Yogic Lifestyle

Everything You Need To Know About Yogic Lifestyle

“Yoga does not transform the way we see things. It transforms the person who sees.” 

Yoga has gained prominence in recent years, particularly among celebrities, medical professionals, and many more. Yoga, in order to keep your body and mind healthy, transforms the way you conduct your life. Incorporating yoga into your everyday routine enables you to live a more positive lifestyle. Balancing body energies, concentrating on inner well-being & overall health are the key factors of the yogic lifestyle

Following a yogic lifestyle is beyond doing morning yoga. Living a yogic lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to live in a hermitage or ashram. It is more about living a purposeful life and maintaining holistic health by balancing body, mind, and soul. You must be wondering what the yogic lifestyle is and what it is to adhere to a yogic lifestyle. Read the article to enlighten yourself with the yoga lifestyle.’

Yogic Lifestyle – In a Brief

A yogic lifestyle entails actively adapting our perspectives, routines, and general ways of living to be more in line with yoga\’s philosophies, principles, values, and morals. Adopting the yoga lifestyle helps you to become closer to nature, more close to your true self. Fully committing yourself to live a yogic life actually means you are evolving—both internally and externally. Unison with nature, with you, harmony among your mind, body and soul is the true essence of following a yogic lifestyle.

Living a yoga lifestyle or yogic lifestyle contribute to a better livelihood. There is a lot of improvement in physical health, such as eliminating the risk of severe diseases, slowing down the aging process and others. Apart from that, many reports suggest that maintaining a yogic lifestyle also endorses cognitive health. 

However, it can not be denied that it was a different time on earth around five years ago. People used to live in a better way. Encompassing a few healthy changes in lives, people nowadays can live better that leads to suitable social habitat. Remember, these small changes not only benefit the individual but also it contributes to a better world. 

How Do you make a Yoga lifestyle: Eat, Sleep, Love, and Think 

Live A Vegan Lifestyle

The vegetarian diet is a yogic diet. Living a vegan lifestyle is another way to live a yoga lifestyle. The principle of ahimsa says to avoid meat consumption in the lifestyle. The first aspect of yoga is yamas, which applies to all creatures and does not do harm to another. The fruits and vegetables that nature produces are consumed and cooked. But the animal cruelty is not encouraged in the yogic lifestyle. Yoga diet includes sattvic diet, chemicals-free foods and pure vegetarian food.

The rationale behind prohibiting non-vegetarian food is to reduce the animal instincts in you, keep yourself in control and work towards the harmony of your body, mind and soul. While following a vegetarian diet, your body automatically flushes out the toxins in your body. This will pay the way for natural rejuvenation. 

Yogic Lifestyle For Sleeping

Adding discipline to your lifestyle, particularly your sleep cycle, is encouraged. Eight hours of sleep in a day helps anyone to stay focused and clear from the mind. It boosts the immune system as well as promotes an energized body. A healthy sleeping schedule also includes scheduling sleep time that ends before sunrise. Accordingly, you become enlightened to schedule your sleep and waking up routines. 

The time before sunrise is considered the best time for practicing meditation. The yogis also practice some activities before bedtime to get a deep and peaceful sleep. Those activities include light-hearted, positive activities such as reading books, light yoga practice and other activities recommended by yoga trainers. 

Meditation Promotes Mental Health, Physical Health

With changed sleep patterns, you will be able to sleep well and wake well earlier. As long as you manage to wake up possibly before sunrise, you can regularly practice meditation.

To meditate is to concentrate on your breathing and to let go of what disturbs you. As you concentrate on your breathing, thoughts obviously try to disturb and cloud your mind more. From then on, with grit, without giving up, you can bring your mind into a state of calm, peace and serenity. This is called Meditation.

Meditation helps you to have a peaceful inside. When you are at peace inside, you will obviously get a hold of every aspect of your life. Your inner health and physical health will increase manifolds with meditation. It is such a powerful yogic lifestyle process.

Bring Yoga into Other Aspects of Life

This means you have to think, love, feel and embrace life like a yogi. Yogi is one who sees no difference between self and the surrounding. The one who is in complete unison with everything is Yogi. No inhibitions, no nuisance, no difference, no internal conflicts, no external issues. A yogic lifestyle helps you to have a complete surrender to your true self. You get what you give. 

So in this way, you will start realizing that everything surrenders to you, to everything as well. But here, the “You” is not driven by ego but incomplete conscious awareness that the entire existence is you. What doesn’t hurt you makes you stronger, as Nietzsche said out of his experience. Everything in yoga is about complete love, ecstasy and surrender. As you practice a yogic lifestyle, life, the entire universe, reveals itself to you. You will realize that there is a life beyond books and experiments. That true life happens to you in the most effortless ways possible.

Practice Asana 

Asana is one of the most important rules of living a yoga lifestyle. Asanas are not included in the exercise, but these are more than that. Asanas have an impact on inner organs and the life cycle, or chakras. You will be amazed to know that even the small yogic postures are important parts of life. It gives physical comfort as well as soothes the mind and soul. 

Asanas are a few important postures that need to hold fit specifically sometimes. These asanas come with several benefits. The endocrine gland is impacted by asana practice and secretes hormones. These hormones are essential in balancing emotions in the human body. The asana posture should be proper with proper breathing requirements and persistent flow. 

Adopt The Way How Yogi Love

Yogi\’s love is different from the others. It involves following the five Yamas, ethical and societal guidelines. It helps in forming more passionate, intimate and strong bonding between the relationships. Follow the rule of \’non-violence\’ while behaving with others. 

It reduces the chance of being hurt and to make hurt towards others. Apart from that, there is the power of speaking and living in truth. If needed, eliminate the toxic and unhealthy relationships that always disturb mind and heart. 

Following Yogic Lifestyle and Becoming Yogi

The yogic lifestyle is to be conscious of self. Without any external, internal pressures and mentally made up bondages or chains. The conscious way of leading and living a life is called Yogic Lifestyle. 

By now, you might have understood one thing. Yogic lifestyle is about “You”. If you get a hold and control of “You”, rest is just taken care of itself. As you live and breathe the yogic lifestyle, everything starts complimenting and paving the way for you. There will be minimal resistance and interference. 


Yogic lifestyle brings harmony to everyone\’s life. The yoga lifestyles are designed in such a way so that everyone can adopt them in their life. Most people think that yoga cuts people off from the world and takes them away from humanity. But this is not true. It is the way to purify the soul, body and proceed towards a healthy life. Let us have a simple, splendid and spectacular life. On our own terms. Like a yogi!