Beginner Level (75 minutes)

  • This is ideal for people who are new to Yoga. This level is also suggested for those who may have yoga experience but are new to the system in Yoga Sadhana. In this level, students will learn basic standing, seated and twisting asanas that make up the foundation of the system in Yoga Sadhana.

Intermediate Level (75 minutes)

  • This level is designed for students who have been practicing at Yoga Sadhana for at least 6 months regularly. A wider variety of asanas are taught with continuity in basic standing postures to build a stronger foundation in their practice. Gradually, seated, twisting, baby back extensions; inversions and basic Pranayama and Dhyana (breath control & Meditation) are introduced in this level. 

Advance Level (75 minutes)

  • This level is designed for students who regularly practice all categories of asanas, as well as some pranayama. Students are expected to hold Sirsasana (headstand) and Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) for at least 8 minutes. In this level, we continue to focus on standing postures and students are now introduced to a broader range of sitting postures, forward extension, back extensions and variations of inversions. Pranayama & Dhyana (Breath Control & Meditation) practice is essential in this level. 

Senior Citizen (75 minutes)

  • This special class is designed carefully and dedicated to the practitioners of age 60 & above. In our Senior Citizen class, this class is conducted in a friendly, warm and safe mannered. We also welcome younger beginners to experience the dynamic, fun and safe practice. A wide range of joints movement, light muscle works and light twisting and gentle spinal extensions are the focus in this class to help the senior citizen to achieve their optimal health in a more holistic approach.

Kids Yoga (60 minutes)

  • This class is ideal children aged 4-12 years old. Children can begin their yoga experience with a fun, active and non-competitive environment. The combination of postures and breathing exercises enhances children to become more focused and centred, achieving control over their bodies and minds, thus in general, increased self-control. Yoga prepares children to face challenging emotional situations without panic, fear or loss of self-control.

Prenatal Yoga (60 minutes)

  • Our Prenatal Yoga Class (Yoga for Motherhood) offers a nurturing, informative environment to help prepare for childbirth. Through a specifically developed programme, women learn deep relaxation and gain strength and confidence for pregnancy making space for baby and readying expecting moms for the rest of the pregnancy, labour and delivery. 
  • Women must be at least 12-week to begin our Prenatal Yoga Sessions

Corporate Yoga session (60 minutes)

  • Corporate programmes are a great opportunity to bring the ageless practices of Yoga into the office and or school. A program can be tailored to the needs of the company, school or office, which could be weekly classes, a workshop or a retreat. Yoga in the workplace is more than just exercise and relaxation. It is a complete mind-body programme that helps to relieve stress, and live life energetically and positively.