How to Find Peace

The title itself may seem that there is an activity that we need to do to get peace. Not really peace is a state of our mind. When we say peace what comes to our mind? It may be a place, a relationship or even an activity that we enjoy. Is that so? Does that mean that out peace ends the moment we are out of that space or at the end of the peaceful activity?

If peace is something that is depending on objects, relationships and space then we will never be in peace. It seems that peace is something that can never be attained then. Then, why do look for peace if it is something that we can never get? So we can come to a conclusion that peace is not to be found somewhere or hidden in a relationship or even not in objects. Understand that the very desire to get an object or find a relationship makes one restless until and when that desire is fulfilled.

What happens after that? Many times after we have fulfilled our desire for the object or in a relationship, we want to get rid of it. So is peace in fulfilling the desire to get the object or in irradiating the desire for the object so that the mind is at peace?

Let us look at this example. When we have had a good sleep we wake up saying that “I have had a peaceful sleep today” and that leaves you feeling good. Look at this scene clearly, why do we say that? What happens when we go to sleep? When we go to sleep the objects of our desire is no more there. The mind is in complete rest and there is no more need of fulfillment or the feeling of incompletes. There is complete irradiation of any desire. Even the fact of who I am, my name my relationships my family my social circle does not exist in deep sleep. Even our beliefs are not there in deep sleep and we wake up saying I have had a peaceful sleep last night.

So is peace dependent of and objects or fulfillment of a desire? Not really. Peace is present right here and now, in ourselves and in everything we do and see. The question is whether or not we are in touch with it. We don’t have to travel far way to find peace. We don’t have to have the best of the best to find peace in live. We make so many preparations to live but yet forget to live a peaceful life. Securing objects and relationships is not going to give us peace. Peace is not dependent on objects it is the freedom from all forms of objects that will give us peace. Peace is ever present in every breath we take.

Five Points :

  • To find for peace does not mean it is somewhere in an object or is a far place
  • Peace is ever present
  • We lose peace when we tag it to an objects
  • Look for peace in every breath no matter where u are
  • Peace is your true Nature.