Positive Thoughts

Once, there were two monks after being ordained by their teachers traveled the globe to practice the teachings given by their teacher. While they were on their way back to meet their teacher, the two monks passed by a village which was flooded. They reached a river which they hadContinue Reading


Call it a holiday, call it a new gadget or even a break after a long day at work. We are all looking for some kind of freedom or happiness. We go in circles making the same preparations to arrive at this state of completeness at the end of theContinue Reading

Parveen Nair Ardhachandrasana

They say its Ardha ( half ) chandra ( moon ) Half moon. What is seen is only half. But the moon is always full. Like this remember your true nature is complete ( Purnam ). What we see is full but we call it half. Strive not for the halfContinue Reading