Yoga Asana

A majority of Yoga taught today is in the form of just a physical asana practice and often mistaken to be an exercise. Once a yoga practitioner walked into my class and asked me to “rip” him apart with a challenging vinyasa session. He felt he needed it because heContinue Reading

Asana Practice - Yoga Sadhana

I woke up this morning finding an interesting short write-up by my Guruji Parveen Nair on facebook, so I thought I would take this into a discussion on asana practice –static Versus dynamic, a way to improve the functionality of our body. “I read this morning a post on howContinue Reading

Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose as it is popularly known in English gets its name from the position you assume for this pose. In this extensive backbend, your body, from the legs to the head looks like the curved portion of the bow while your arms resemble the string.  WhileContinue Reading


Half Boat Pose, also known as Ardha Navasana, is an easier variation of Boat Pose (Navasana), making it a pose of intermediate difficulty. In this pose, the hips, waist, and lower back are somewhat more grounded than in the boat pose. In vinyasa classes, it’s a common position for strengtheningContinue Reading

How to manage low back pain

Why is low back pain so common these days? In our current sedentary way of life, is to collapse the spine, exaggerating the curves of the spine. Hence, the deep muscles of the spine are inactive, sometimes even becoming atrophied. Recently, a student of mine has been diagnosed with “lumbarContinue Reading

Navasana or as it is often called Naukasana is named after the shape your body takes when you practice this pose. Nauka/Nav means boat in English; thus, it is known as the Boat Pose. It is one of the intermediate seated balancing poses which requires immense core strength and stability.Continue Reading

Standing Yoga Asanas 

As how a child strives to stand up taking little steps engaging the lower portions of its body and grounding its little baby feet into exploring this world of enjoyments, the yogi takes his first step in exploring the journey within by grounding his feet to mother earth. The feetContinue Reading

Your Feet as Your Foundation

It all starts with your feet. Your feet are the foundation of your entire body, like any buildings, if the foundation is not laid properly, it affects the stability and the construction of the building, and so are your feet.  In our yoga classes or Yoga Teachers Training courses, weContinue Reading