The title itself may seem that there is an activity that we need to do to get peace. Not really peace is a state of our mind. When we say peace what comes to our mind? It may be a place, a relationship or even an activity that we enjoy.Continue Reading

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The Word Yoga is actually the abbreviation for Yogasana. It derives from the root word of “YOG” and is defined as union. This word “Yoga” is often being interpreted as a popular subject in this modern times; it is a subject for mundane welfare, sense of wellness and fitness. Unfortunately,Continue Reading

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There is a story about a sculptor that was so renowned for his work. While sculpting his piece he did not realize his surroundings. There was so much happening around him but he was so engrossed in his work that nothing from his surrounding disturbed his concentration in his work.Continue Reading

If we look into the thesaurus, we will be surprised to find so many positive words related to the word “Health”. But is health only related to the physical well-being? Many of us are aware of how important it is to keep our body healthy. We eat fresh and nutritiousContinue Reading

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Once, there were two monks after being ordained by their teachers traveled the globe to practice the teachings given by their teacher. While they were on their way back to meet their teacher, the two monks passed by a village which was flooded. They reached a river which they hadContinue Reading

Call it a holiday, call it a new gadget or even a break after a long day at work. We are all looking for some kind of freedom or happiness. We go in circles making the same preparations to arrive at this state of completeness at the end of theContinue Reading

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They say its Ardha ( half ) chandra ( moon ) Half moon. What is seen is only half. But the moon is always full. Like this remember your true nature is complete ( Purnam ). What we see is full but we call it half. Strive not for the halfContinue Reading